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Top UDDER Females In Europe!

Top UDDER females in Europe!

This time a little different ranking but a very impressive one: the top 10 UDC females in Europe! There are some changes in the list with the previous proof of December 2018. Remarkable are the topping offsprings of Toc-Farm Allen Amyly EX-96-IT, the 2x National and 1x WORLD Champion!! The first R&W we find in the list is Veenhuizer JT Red Rose an Awesome-Red daughter out of the Scientific Debutante Rae family with +3.80 UDC! The other R&W we find in the list is LB Alexia Red with +3.75 UDC, again an Awesome-Red daughter and straight out MS Apple Danielle Red EX-94-USA. She sold during the Vente La Brasserie ’18 to Austria. Furthermore we find the full sister to the type sensation Col DG CRUSHTIME (+3.94 PTAT): Col DG Brylin, this Crush daughter notes +3.74 UDC.

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